2017 Archive



Painscreek Killing (EQ Studios) – september 27th 2017

Cuphead (Studio MDHR) – september 29th 2017 – Preview


The Invisible Hours (Tequila Works) – october 10th 2017

AER (Fogotten Key, Daedalic Entertainment) – october 25th 2017


L.A. Noire Remastered (Team Bondi, Rockstar Games) – november 14th 2017

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier (Imaginati Studio) – november 21st 2017 (PS4)

The Impatient (Supermassive Games) – november 22nd 2017 (PS4 VR)

Black Mirror (PC – King Art) – november 28th 2017


Hello Neighbor (Dynamic Pixels – tinyBuild) – december 8th 2017

Okami HD (Clover Studio, Capcom) – december 12th 2017

Night in The Woods: Weird Autumn Edition (Infinite Fall) – december 13th 2017

Finding Paradise (Freebird Games) – december 14th 2017

Gorogoa (Jason Roberts, Annapurna Interactive) – december 14th 2017


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