The Dawn of a new Art: VR Painting!

We are witnessing a revolution in visual art! For centuries humanity was forced to draw on 2D surfaces (rocks, paper, canvas, etc.). Lately we introduced 3D virtual spaces in computer graphics, but we could not enter the 3D space; most of time we could enjoy just 2D flat projections of the 3D space. Now thanks to VR we can enter virtual worlds and really paint 3D spaces from the inside! A new kind of artist is born: the VR painter! Now you can draw or paint the space where you’re immersed, present. You can draw a 3D scene, the “air” is your canvas, you can move inside and outside the scene, watch it from different points of view at different scales, even flying!

This is a HUGE revolution that should create a HUGE hype! But today we are like puppets handled by media, socials, ads, etc. You are meant to be a consumer and create profit for producers and elites. Who cares of art and science? They are good only when profitable. Profit is the measure of everything in our materialistic society. Technology (that’s not the same as science) is profitable, but most of time art is not profitable. Art is beauty, emotions, peculiar language and techniques aimed at expression of deep contents, etc. So, I’m not surprised that very few people are aware of this revolution: from painting 2D surfaces to painting the 3D spaces where you are immersed! I have absolutely no drawing skills, but that doesn’t stop me to appreciate this new kind of artistic experience thanks to Open Brush, a VR painting app for free! Yes, gratis! Oh my! It’s just mind blowing! It’s a new dimension for Art. I’m speechless! It’s a historical revolution, an evolutionary step forward for Art, period! Let me laugh of people who still think that VR is a gimmick or a scam!

It’s not just Open Brush. Thanks to the crystal clear and high definition next-gen-like displays of HP Reverb G2 I can fully appreciate this wonderful app without selling my kidney! And this is just the beginning, many other tools and creative ideas will eventually come and help to shape the 3D space! In the meanwhile, someone started a new career as VR painter, welcomed by an ever growing success:

I’m related to the artist in no way! You can find other examples of the new art in The Museum of Other Realities. Welcome to the new era of VR painting!

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