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Videogames are not only challenges, they are experiences

Video Games & Art is a project aimed to promote Video Games as a form of contemporary Art, just as Cinema. VGArt likes original gameplay, innovative and mature titles providing deep stories filled with serious contents, fine aesthetics and sublime emotions, such to give the Player an intellectual and unforgettable experience; therefore they should be considered as Art.

The intention is also to promote the artists behind Games.

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VGArt uses the same rating scale as Metacritic


Basically, good games ratings start from 80/100; great games ratings start from 90/100; ratings from 70/100 to 79/100 are a sort of limbo for games not really bad and not really good; ratings from 60/100 to 69/100 are for bad games coming with some decent or interesting features; ratings below 60/100 are for bad games of no interest.


I started this project, “Video Games & Art”, to promote video games as a form of contemporary art. My pleasure is to research and talk about art, science, philosophy and sociology of video games! Or simply to share thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings and opinions about games i’m grown with, and those that still accompany my life!

I introduce myself!

Gamer since the end of ’70s and early ’80s, when I was having fun with Pong, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Lady Bug, Ghost & Goblins, Yei Ar Kung Fu, Popey and many others arcades. I also played with Intellevision (Burger Time, Donkey Kong etc.), ZX Spectrum (do you remember Manic Miner, Atic Atac, Back to School, etc.?), Commodore 64 (who remembers Ghostbusters, Spy vs. Spy, Mission Impossible, etc?), Amiga500 (Defender of the Crown, Lemmings, Another World are something to you?), PC (one of the first PC games i played is Alone in the Dark, the founder of survival horror), PS1, Xbox, PS2, Xbox360 and now back to PC and PS4.

I’m interested in the creative and artistic side of video games, especially stories and contents, but also formal expressive languages, aesthetics and techniques. I like pathos-filled stories, intriguing atmospheres, imaginative aesthetics, original and innovative gameplays, interactive storytelling, serious and mature contents and thoughts; I appreciate cinematographic and literary inspirations, and search for artistic crossovers, original ideas, games complexity and deep intellectual experiences.

Years ago I used to play many horror titles as Alone in the Dark (the first one), Resident Evil (the first one), Silent Hill (the first and the second one), Call of Chtulu Dark Corners of the Earth, Crimson Butterfly Project Zero, etc. and recently I played Deadly Premonition, Alien Isolation, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, White Night etc. etc. I think horror can be a creative metaphor for our fears and obscure sides of life.

I like some mainstream titles such as Assassin’s Creed 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid (Sneak Eater in the first position, Phantom Pain in the last one), etc. I love interactive drama such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, Detroit: Become Human etc. I also like modern graphic adventures such as The Cat Lady, games with a scientific or science fiction background, e. g. SOMA, puzzle games as Portal (1 & 2), The Talos Principle, etc.

Now i’m pretty oriented towards the so called Walking Simulators (a bad definition indeed!) as The Path, Beyond Eyes, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, What Remains of Edith Finch, Firewatch, Abzu, The Town of Light, etc. Perhaps the last but not unique frontier for Videogames Art.

I do not particularly like platform and strategy games, but undoubtedly some platforms made videogames history (I think of Nintendo productions). I don’t like FPS so much and I’m not interested in e-sport, sorry! Recently I have bought PSVR and become VR addicted! I have great expectations from VR in the next future. Pioneering VR narrative experience The Invisible Hours gave me the goosebumps!

Obviously my favourite games are the artistic ones I review in my project, where I use an accademic approach, trying to not be influenced by my personal tastes. Better, I try to reorient my personal tastes thanks to continuous research!

You cannot talk about art if you don’t know art!

I’m an italian physics teacher at gymnasium but since I was child I have been practicing and learning a lot about art. I’m used to apply scientific method also to art critics! I especially love Music, Cinema, Comics and obviously Videogames. I play piano, electric guitar and synths, I studied musical theory on my own, I listen to various musical styles, from Classical to Jazz and Prog to Post Rock.

I’m a cinephile and I love to watch new and old movies, also silent movies. I studied a lot about Cinema history, languages and techniques.

I have a great comicbooks collection, I like graphic novels so much and studied a lot about Comics history.

I have been researching also a lot about Videogame history, techniques, languages and theory! Give a look at my suggested bibliography. From time to time I contribute to wiki pages about Video Games & Art (e.g. Video Games as an Art form, List of artistic video gamesCompulsion Games, etc.).

I have also studied something about calssical arts at gymnasium and love to visit art museums.

In the past I wrote on line articles about Music, Movies and Comics.

Sorry for my plane and sometime wrong English!



My articles and thoughts refers to many reliable sources. For avoiding waste of time, I prefer not to cite such sources in every article. You can find the sources in the suggested bibliography page.


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